Pump Service & Maintenance

At PipeDream Plumbing, we provide services and solutions to any issues related to pump stations. Whether it's installation, maintenance, repairs, or supply that you need, our company is here to deal with your requirements. 

Our team of engineers is made up of highly experienced professionals who can deal with any type of issue that can arise. We are able to quickly assess what each task requires, and do what is necessary to fix it. Here are some of the services we offer: 

Pump Service

We offer a wide range of pumping solutions whether it is a new installation or the repair of existing equipment. We carry out all pipe work modifications in all materials and sizes including the lagging. We can provide water booster sets, pressurisation units and packaged sewage stations to order. 

Sewage & Storm Water Stations 

 We offer full service contracts for all manufactures and size storm/sewage stations. The service includes all pumps being removed for complete mechanical and electrical checks. All control equipment including remote signalling and BMS systems will be checked. A full and comprehensive report will be sent to the client detailing any faults and recommendations. These services can be linked to our jetting and tankering options also. 

Tankering & Drainage 

We are able to offer tankering services to clean, empty sewage chambers,interceptors and drains. The tanker we provide is capable of 100Meter pumping runs and has an on board 4000psi pressure washer for carrying out the cleaning of the sumps. The tanker has been used for emergency purposes in large office buildings in the centre of London to prevent building closures and major disruption. By providing this service we offer the total solution to waste management. 

Pressurisation & Booster Sets 

We offer full servicing of pressurisation and cold water booster sets, single or multi pump design. The service includes pump testing for performance and mechanical operation. All control equipment, pressure switch control or inverter drives are tested. Ancillary equipment such as accumulating vessels are also checked and re-pressurised. A full and comprehensive report will be sent to the client detailing any faults and recommendations. 

We are reliable, quick and efficient. We take on jobs of all sizes, plan projects according to each specific situation, and offer professional, bespoke services to satisfy all our clients. We have engineers that cover the Greater London area equipped for both commercial and domestic work. We operate a 24hr Emergency Call out service. 

For all enquiries please call 07765621916 or email info@pipedreamplumbing247.co.uk 

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