How can I improve my slow drains?

The moment you recognise that your drains are not operating as well as they used to. It’s time to take action. Our plumbing experts are here to make a few suggestions of how you can improve your slow drains...

Plumbing tips...

The most important thing is of course to ensure that nothing goes down a drain that shouldn’t. Large items, debris, hair and grease are culprits in causing slow drains. If you have a pop up stopper in your sink. We suggest removing it and replacing it for a mesh or grid which sits snug in your drain. This way nothing unwanted will get past.

Hot water is a great way to improve the flow of your slow drains. Boiling water dissolves grease and oil. Many cosmetics and hair products for instance has ingredients which can over time make your sink run slower. If you are making a cup of tea, you may as well take those couple of extra steps with the kettle to the bathroom. And use the surplus boiled water to improve your slow drain.

If the drain in question is already clogged enough for water to back up on a single use. It may be time to get the tools out. In each bathroom we suggest a small plunger, a toilet plunger and if possible a sink snake. Rinse your sink with boiling water a couple of times. Fill it up enough to cover the plunger you are going to use and use a pumping motion to work on any block.

There are a wide variety of chemical products available to dissolve buildup down your drain. These are suitable to use when no other method works. And should that fail. It’s time to call in the experts. Our services are available 24/7 in case of a burst pipe or an emergency leak. Call now for the assistance you require