Essential Winter Plumbing Tips

Essential Winter Plumbing Tips

As summer draws to a close and we cling onto every last glimpse of sunshine, its's time to tack some steps to protect our plumbing.  The following tips in this are all easily carried out and could save you from costly repairs.

Topping Up Your Boiler Pressure

Do you have No heating or Hot Water in Milton Keynes? A common cause of your boiler not working is simply down to your system pressure dropping too low.  When the system is cold the pressure should be between 1.5 & 2.0 bar. Read your boilers manual to find out the correct process of topping up the pressure. Once the pressure is topped up you will need to bleed your radiators and check and top up the pressure once all the radiators are bled.

If the pressure increases more than 1.0bar while in operation it will indicate a expansion vessel problem and you will require an engineer.

Know How To Isolate Your Water Supply

It's an obvious one but from our experience most homeowners and tenants do not know how to safely isolate the water supply in an emergency situation. The best way to shut the water off to your property is to find your boundary stop cock, this is often outside in the street, but can also be located the garden or back alleyways. Some older properties share the incoming main so it's a good idea to notify your neighbors of the situation. 

Check your hot water cylinder cupboard for any gate valves, these should be routinely cycled to prevent them from seizing  up. If they are not operating correctly, it's a good idea to get them changed. Our Milton Keynes plumbers can provide a free quote for all your plumbing requirements, call 0333 5778 247.

Boiler Condensate Pipes

 It wasn't long ago that the beast from the east sent most of the country into a frozen state! This sent many boilers across the Milton Keynes  region into a fault code frenzy!  Its often a case of undersized and non insulated pipework that leads to the the condensate pipe freezing up. This can be a simple fix by simply boiling a kettle and pouring the hot water over the white pipe on the outside of the building. There are even how to videos on youtube that will guide you through this process.


Make sure any pipework  that is exposed to the elements is properly insulated.  Check loft spaces and outbuildings. This is a very simple D.I.Y task that not only protects your pipe, but also keeps the heat in, saving you money.

If you're still having problems with your plumbing and heating system in Milton Keynes and require a plumber, our team are on hand to help you in any situation. Give us a call on 0333 5778 247. We are available 24/7 for emergency call outs across the region.