Basic Plumbing Tools Everyhome Should Have

Here at PipeDream Plumbing we are at your service for all your home and business plumbing requirements. Thinking about taking on a small project over the bank holiday weekend? or would just like to be prepared for the next blockage or leak? Here’s a list of tools you might  want to have ready.

Tools every home should have: Tape Measure, Hammer , Torch, Flat Head Screwdriver, Phillips Screwdriver, Pliers, Level, Stanley Knife

Tools to fight those blocks: 1. Plunger – a must have, and is step one for every block emergency  2. Hand Auger: often called a plumber’s snake, it is step 2 when trying to clear a drain; 3. Drain Rods, Specifically designed to defeat waste pipe blockages.

Feeling handy? Here’s some tools you might want to consider if you are considering tackling a more serious plumbing project.

1. Pipe Grips - Sometimes called tongue and groove pliers, pipe grips are especially important to plumbers when removing and installing metal pipes. In addition, they an be used to manipulate a wide variety of other components.

2. Adjustable Wrench - used for plumbing parts with hex shaped nuts

3. Hacksaw - versatile and inexpensive, can be used to cut through plastic and metal pipe, as well as hardware and screws

4. Basin Wrench - specifically designed to get into the small space behind a sink that is often tight. That's are worth their weight in gold!

5. Tube Cutters – The easiest way to cut copper pipe. These come in a few different sizes, the most common being 15mm & 22mm. It's also recommended that you use a deburing tool once you've made your cut on the pipework.

Cautions to Consider Before Starting Plumbing Work On Your Own.

There are water regulations put into place that must be followed in the renovation of.your home. If you are considering doing more than a simple plumbing project be aware that if regulations are not followed, you might be redoing all the work you just invested your time and money on.

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